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2014RAMBLA LLIBERTATchildren's Cantata for ensemble, mixed choir and two soloists | 50'ca. Commissioned: by the Servei Educatiu de l'Auditori de Barcelona.


Cantania is a participatory activity involving Catalan primary school children between 8 and 12 years old. Every year a new work is commissioned especially for the activity. To date, the commissions have gone to renowned Catalan composers and writers.
In 2015-2016 Cantania is celebrating its 27th anniversary.
Cantània is an activity with various phases of action: training sessions with teachers, teacher work in your classroom and final concerts performed by enrolled students. Throughout the school year we work both from the organization and from the school. The objective is to organize an event for students who, due to the global characteristics designed exclusively for them, for quality and for personal and collective involvement in the act, will become an important and unforgettable musical experience for all.